Britain, France & Africa: Legacies, Entanglements and Cultural Trajectories of Decolonization and Beyond

8.45am– 6.30pm on Monday 9th June, 2014 in South Wing G12 Common Room,
UCL History.


Chris_Jeppesen_6 andrew-smith

Dr Chris Jeppesen and Dr Andrew W M Smith

Chris Jeppesen is a Teaching Fellow at UCL History. His research has centred upon exploring the motivations behind a career in the British empire during the twentieth century and what these reveal about the shifting place of empire within British  culture. He is interested in the contested process of remembering and  memorialising the colonial encounter in Britain and is also developing a  new project that considers how Britain and the US sought to delineate  competing ‘pathways to post-colonial modernity’  during the period of decolonization.

Andrew W. M. Smith is a Teaching Fellow at UCL History, whose research focusses on concepts of centre and periphery. He has written on this relationship in regional, national and colonial contexts, focussing on connections to the French and Francophone world.

This Conference was made possible by the support of J-FIGS, UCL History and the Royal Historical Society:

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